Places of interest

Places of interest to visit during your stay at Nature Fruit Farm Resort !


vegetable farmVegetable Farm

Bicycle : 5 mins
Take a tour around a vegetable farm and get to know how do farmers grow your salads and vege in their farm.




paddy fieldPaddy Field

Bicycle : 10 mins
Do you or your child grow up in the city ? Have you ever seen a paddy field ? The rice you eat everyday ? Balik Pulau is the only place in penang that you can see a paddy field. Depending on your visit time, you may see green and energetic newly planted paddy or, magical view of ripe golden paddy swaying in the cool breeze. You will be amazed by the peace and tranquility that the paddy field could bring.



 fishing village  Fishing Village
Bicycle : 20 mins
Step inside this traditional malay fishing village in Pulau Betong, watch fishing boats come and go, if you are lucky you may see locals that sre still using traditional nets to catch a fish. You can also buy fresh fish at low price here.




Bicycle : 1 hour
ar : 20 mins
Have fun at the beautiful Pulau Betong beach ! A hidden beach on the other side of a hill, perfect for you to relax and get tan, picnic or simply enjoy the view.





mangrove swampMangrove Swamp
Bicycle : 20 mins
Mangrove trees are found in tropical climate and is highly distinctive because of it’s roots that grows above the surface of water.  Mangrove swamp had been named ” The Lung of Earth “. They normally only grow at where the river met the sea in clogged and slightly salty water. The mangrove trees not only freshen the air but had protected this fishing village from tsunami in 2004.


goat farmGoat Farm
Drive : 22 min
Observe in close goats in this farm. You can feed the goat, milk the goat, touch it, caress it, TASTE its milk and participate in soap making using goat’s milk.




horse rideHorse Riding
Bicycle : 30min
Looking for something exciting? Visit the shed of horses and tryout horseback riding.


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