Its durian season !

Don't miss the chance to feast on Balik Pulau famous durian - no preservatives !

Enjoy an ultimate staying experience

Throwback and relax, away from hustle and bustle of the city

Organise an event

With large space and complete privacy, its the best place for team-building, camping, and Barbeque party !

Dine with Us

Explore local culture - Come and have a taste of our delicious local food

Be amazed by the beauty of nature

Relieve from stress and anxiety, enter a state of peacefulness in the nature

Your perfect secret getaway

Fed up with city life ? Frustrated to be stuck in a traffic jam ? Too much pressure ? Feel like getting away ? You had found the right place ! In Nature Fruit Farm Resort, we provide you ---- freedom. Free your body, mind and soul, immerse yourself in Nature's wonder and do nothing but stare into the breath-taking sunset. If you are sporty, hike up the hill or cycle around the small village. Foodlover ? Get a taste of our famous durian, local fruits or experience our culture and eat with us ! After all the hardwork you had done, we believe that you deserve a break. Our place is just your perfect little getaway =)